Riihisoft and Riihicloud donated for Ukrainian children


Riihisoft and Riihicloud donated for Ukrainian children. With our donation, we want to encourage companies to donate and support the rights of Ukrainian children in the middle of the crisis.  

The donation for Unicef supports childrens’ rights to health, education, protection, water, sanitation and hygiene. 

There are health teams and psychosocial support teams on the move to help children and their families who have been traumatized or fleed by the conflict. In addition, Unicef has set up a child protection emergency telephone and has set up child-friendly facilities on the most common escape routes in neighbouring countries to provide refugees with assistance and safe facilities for children and mothers. More professionals are constantly being trained for the tasks.  

Unicef has delivered school equipments for children and education materials for teachers. Now there are 100 teams for education and early childhood education on the move.  

“In 17.03.2022 Unicef has delivered 85 trucks, a total of 858 tons of emergency supplies to support children and families in war-torn Ukraine and neighboring countries. Of this total, 78 trucks, more than 780 tonnes have been shipped to Ukraine and the remaining 7 trucks to Ukraine’s neighboring countries. 34 turcks have already arrived in Ukraine, and more deliveries are expected in the coming days.” 

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